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Installation of Tubewell Latrine (1 and 2) will be done in Assam and Tripura State. Construction mention in Sl. no 3-10 will be carried out in Sikkim
Sealed tenders are invited for the following items

1. Sanitary latrine divided into two parts with western commode and urinal in one part.
2. Tubewell with full fittings.
3. Repairing of metal road( per KM).
4. Construction of road as per PMGSY speciation (per KM).
5. Erosion management of jhora including detailed component wise estimation.
6. Soil erosion management in the forest land (/sq. m.)
7. Erosion in the agriculture area (/sq. m.)
8. Erosion in the agriculture area (/sq. m.)
9. Erosion in the settlements area (/sq. m.)
10. Repairing of damage house as per specification.

Tender proposal should be submitted item wise (1-10). Interested venders are to get the detailed information from CEMPD office (HB-150, Salt Lake, Sec-3, Kolkata-700106) to complete tender documents.

Tender submitted to
Project Administrator
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